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4 Details of the call-out to block the nuclear transport “routine” in Valognes.

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Demo Thursday, 24 November at 11am

Camp 22-24 November, 2011

1. A coup won’t be enough.

After the Fukushima disaster, the fury of the French pro-nuclear lobby leads to a total denial of reality. The lobby is convinced that they are the finest and the best, and that they have a major part to play against all the other nuclear nations: they have the best know how for everything concerning nuclear power. Whilst other countries feel forced to take into account the major risks and deal with their
public opinion, France continues as if nothing has happened. Despite a situation which should weaken the nuclear industry it is clear that their power and arrogance are not seriously shaken; the industry is expanding even further.

The economic and industrial outlook for Areva is focused in the Cotentin area of France with the EPR and the High Voltage line, waste reprocessing, etc.. Faced with the enormity of the nuclear industry we can act directly on its doorstep. The trains, which from the Hague spread the radioactivity all over Europe are an opportunity to harass the industry as the Germans have done for many years.

Let’s be clear, if the actions will try to effectively blockade the nuclear waste going back to their senders, we’re not pushing at all for it to stay in la Hague. A single action with the aim to block the CASTOR train is obviously not enough to really block the industry, but this time must be used to construct a movement both locally and internationally, a relentless harassment of this industry until they stop.

2. Stop the nuclear industry.

The last thirty years, with few exceptions, opposition to the nuclear industry stuck to a symbolic confrontation, made of lobbying and calls for parliamentary democracy.
To have a chance, we must break with habits we are used to while falling asleep in the daily nuclear grind. Let’s become an artisan in stopping nuclear. Disrupting the construction site of the Very High Voltage line, Disrupting the daily routine of radioactive waste is an effective contribution to undermine the development of the nuclear industry. North Cotentin sites are one frontline of this battle. It is up to
us, to be organised, to make it visible and effective. The weakening and stopping of the nuclear industry does not just play on our ability to materially affect its interests. Discard arrogance and unquestioned evidence of its presence in our lives is definitely what we can achieve now.

3. First steps.

Practically the objective of 24 Nov. rally in Valognes is to move collectively towards the tracks and to try and occupy them. The precise locations of the assembly point for the rally and of the camp will be announced only days before the end of November to hamper the police as much as possible. This can only work if we are several hundred. Beyond this attempt to block determined mobilisation against nuclear power is what will make it a success. Particularly aware of the difficulty for many to make available these three days mid-week, this mobilisation should not stick to a presence in Valognes. Public meetings should be held wherever possible.
Nuisance actions as well as symbolic support to the Valognes camp can be organised right now. It is also possible for organisations/groups to take part in signing the call-out on the collective blog (

Through this call-out which is a process that has only just begun, we hope to build relationships of trust so that we can multiply these actions of harassment. To create an opposition movement based on a horizontal operation. Specifically, the three-day camp designed as much to allow us to anticipate an early departure of the train as to take the time to think collectively as a result, the different practices
of thinking and set them in motion. Aware of the practical difficulties of organising a camp on the edge of winter in those sweet regions, we will provide shelter, food and heat (bring tents anyway).
For this camp to be more comfortable we are in your hands, equipment and proposals, and the blog as well as email should allow us to stick together/keep in touch.

4. Have control over our lives.

By the concrete action of self-organisation, we want to do without having to entrust our future to a delegation nor to rely on electoral illusions that are sure to revive the spirits in the coming months. This is all well to create a balance of power, to have taken over our lives. A struggle against the nuclear industry can not stick to the goal of its elimination. The horror of nuclear disasters is as much about what it creates than the daily management of the people it involves. It is first in that the stop nuclear work is one of a craftsman. Because it is only
through this that we can at once be able to experience the wealth of a takeover of our lives, and provide the means to undermine the rationale for a world in need of nuclear power.

One strategy could be to re-focus the existence of the nuclear industry through the questioning of the power relationship that has thrived for years, while it shows the reality of denial.

By allowing individuals to put themselves in a position to deal with conditions that are made, the interest of the camp might be to break the “hum drum” citizen acceptance of this relationship of domination, to introduce the real challenge for people seeking to break the cycle of deprivation.

The Valognes Stop CASTOR Collective

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